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Q: I’d like to hire a private van, How much does it cost?

A: Please contact 02-747-4307 ext. 37


Q: How many seats on a van and can we go in one group?

A: Our van have 14 seats. You can request at counter service when you buy ticket for go together in same van.


Q: Can I take get off the van at Bali hai pier?

A: Every van will drop off your at Bali hai pier


Q: Where can I get off the van?

A: You can get off the van at North, Mid and South Pattaya, Then the van stops at Frendship Minimart and go along the beach and stop at Walking Street’s Corner and stop at Baleehai as the last terminal.


Q: How long does it take from Bangkok to Pattaya?

A: Our van will take about 2 hours to travel between Bangkok and Pattaya.


Q: Can I book tickets in advance ?

A: Sorry, We do not have booking service due to we have van leave every 15-30 minutes.


Q: Do you have space to put my luggage?

A: We allow only a small luggage that can put on your lap. If you have large luggage, You have to buy extra seat to put your luggage.